"To all the hard working and loving nurses, thank you very much for taking great care of our grandmother, mother, and sweet angel Dinh, Nhung. It is a comfort to know that show was in great hands before she passed away. Thank you for the generous work that you do, for showing up every day for familes like ours. Your gifts and your love support so many of us during these challenging times. Our family, we are grateful! Thank you to all the staffs. "

– Huy Nguyen 09/10/2014

"It’s been a month now since my mother Borillo, Valentina 221B was discharged from your facility. This thank you card is long overdue with my warmest and sincere gratitude, I’ll like to say thank you to the wonderful people in the PT/OT unit their patience and hand work to make my mom to be able to walk is paying off. She’s doing quite alright! To the staff in station 2 thank you so much for taking care of my mom and your affectionate way and compassion. To Mimi, Eva, and staff thank you for accommodating us on Christmas day and mom’s birthday. Everyone has been nice and you made my mom so happy to be with her family on those special days. As I’ve said to station 2 staff on the day my mom was discharged if mom needs to be in a nursing facility again, I will bring her here! Not only the staffs are great, but it’s a nice and clean facility. Thank you! "

– Jean Nepacena 3/04/2014

"Your kindness is really appreciated."

– Nguyen, Hue’s family 3/17/2014

"Toi thay va cu han set o day rat la tot tu phuc vu tat ca 100 phan 100 cai gi cuy tot. Toi rat mang on tu huy co lam o van phong cho toi y ta thanh that cam on nhieu lan. Ma toi la ba Nguyen, Tu Thi mam toi phong so 102B. Toi la con gai ba thu Thanh that cam on nhieu lam."

– Luu Thu 6/11/2014

"Tat ca nhung nhan vien o day phuc rat tot toi rat cam on cac ban toi thanh that cam on ban. Da cho tot mot duck hoe troi ve nha toi ve. Cam on"

– Bay Lam 6/11/2014

"Your service is very helpful, my family would like to thank you."

– Ung, Hoa’s family 6/11/2014

"To all station #1 staffs of Mission de la Casa we would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your love and care for our parents Mr. Co Tat and Mrs. May Thai during their sickness. Your condolences, gifts, kind thoughts, and prayers have brought much comfort to our family during our time of mourning. May you be richly blessed by the love of God. "

– Kevin Tat 7/7/2014

"Dear Lisa, Mimi, and staffs we would like to thanks all of you for giving my mom Tuyet Nguyen to stay at Mission de la Casa at her golden age. Her health is in the stable condition now. We are very appreciative for all of the great care from all CAN, LVN, and RN. They are great people. They all are taking care of my mom and the patient’s are very nice as well. Thank you all very much."

– Nguyen, Tuyet’s family 7/28/2014

"My family really appreciates for your care during my father’s stay at the rehab center. Without the wonderful services, my father would have not had a speedy recovery. – Thank you so much."

– the Phan’s family. (03/08/14)

"dieu tri o benh vien nay duoc 2 tuan nay toi da binh phuc. Toi va gia dinh thanh tam va vo cung biet on ban gian doc bac si cai co y ta va nguoi cham soc toi. Tot thanh kinh biet on."

– Phan Minh Ba. (03/08/14)

"Friendly and knowledgeable stuff. From administrative process to nursing care to discharge, staff was very professional and caring. Special thanks to Kenneth, who visited my dad much more often than required. Kenneth really cared and tried to make my dad comfortable. I don’t know the names of all the morning day shift staff, but many thanks to them as well."

– Yip, Paul’s family (01/10/14)

"The service provided for my mother is excellent and have met my expectations. The staff members are friendly and helpful to assist all needs for my mother. Thank you for all that you do and I’m glad I picked Mission."

– Anonymous (01/10/14)

"We believe that Mimi is a great asset to your facility, is a very caring and loving young woman. Thank you Mimi for she made us feel very well."

- Helen Frausto and Emma Vicalobos (8/10/13)

"Tat ea moi nguoi cham soc me toi rat tot. Cam on nhieu. "

- Chin Tran RM# 107A (7/19/13)

"Both patient Vu, Vinh and family members note the service at Mission de la Casa highly. We will use your facility again."

- Anonymous (5/31/13)

"My grandma is really better than before she came here! I don’t know how to say but our family want to say thank you so much! "

- Anonymous (4/11/13)

"I am Le, Thuy’s son that have a great appreciation for the excellent care of the nurses, the physicians, and all the staffs of Mission de la Casa."

- Anonymous (3/21/13)

"Good service and very helpful and nice service."

- Anonymous (3/21/13)

"Phuc va tot for patient Le, Tho T."

- Anonymous (3/14/13)

"Thoughtful, helpful, following patient’s needs, and filled with joy."

- Anonymous (3/4/13)

"I would like to say thank you to everybody who took a good care for my father, especially Lisa and Mimi. I like to say thank you to the staff of Mission de la Casa. Thank you!"

- Anonymous (6/6/12)

"Staff is wonderful, nice, friendly, and respectful!"

- Anonymous (11/30/12)

"Thank you very much for your help, hospitality, and care during our father’s stay and treatment."

- Liem Nguyen’s Family (9/19/12)

"Thank you for the kindness during our grandmother’s short stay. The staffs were friendly and sympathetic. The facility over all is well kept. Very satisfied with the service."

- Anonymous

"Tiffany the social worker was very helpful and eager to help me and my grandmother. Please continue to do a great job and many thanks Tiffany."

- Anonymous

"Mimi the admission person was very helpful and details. All the nurses are nice and helpful. Overall was a good experience for my mom. I think the best part was the physical therapy. Thanks so much!"

- Anonymous

"O day lam viec rat la tot."

-Liem (4/9/12)

"Very good services."

- Anonymous

"I want to thank all staffs here they have went out of their way to meet my needs, even when I was in an attitude I can’t say enough good and precise. You are dedicated to your work and don’t think it is not noticed. Thank you for those who took me to go smoke. I plan to come back and visit."

- Harold (5/29/12)

"Me toi o day rat tot, mot nguoi rat tot va vui ve. Phuc vu an can. Rat cam on."

- Anonymous (8/2/12)

"Everybody is so nice. Thanks very much. P.S thanks Mimi."

- D.D

"The service is excellent. The staffs and nurses are all so caring. Thank you so much for everything."

- Leonie Pascua & family (4/9/12)

"My mom she has a broken right leg and then she came here to Mission de la Casa. Very good, we are very happy."

- Nhung Trinh (8/16/12)

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the fine carte you gave my mother during her extended stay at Mission de la Casa.  The fact that she was receiving such fine care from all of you in such a well kept facility allowed her entire family to rest easier."

- Michael Parker

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for endless hours you spend taking care of not only my dad, but all of the patients who find themselves in the situations they are in.  Your fine work is appreciated, not only by the fine people in you care, but also by all the families involved."

- Sharon Giddings

"My Husband has been there at Mission de la Casa since December of 2008, and I want to express to you what it has meant to our Family for the good care he has received there, and we have witnessed the Caring way the nurses have provided in every way."

- Arlene Spurgeon

"We just want to thank each and every one of you for the kindness and caring you showed to our dad during his short stay there.  It meant so much to us to see how well you care for everyone there.  The phone calls, the smiles, the hugs – all given freely and from the heart."

- Jim & Jeri

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