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Recreational Activities

Providing enjoyment in every day activities

We offer a variety of daily activities, including table games such as bingo and cards, social outings, entertainers, movies, parties, holiday celebrations and more. Emphasis is placed on meeting each residents’ social and emotional needs, whether that means participating in a current event group, religious services or one-on-one interactions with an activities staff member.

Our activity program is an opportunity to socialize over a cup of coffee, a chance to engage in physical and mental stimulation, providing for creative use of time, it can open doors to leisure educational groups, and offers opportunities to use old skills and learn new ones.

Why are Activities so important?
  • Activities make a person more alert
  • Activities provide opportunity
  • Activities are important to good health
  • Activities provide therapy
  • Activities encourage choices
  • Activities suitably challenge the individual

The mission of the activities department is to provide residents with a variety of recreational and leisure experiences that are similar to their interests and life-time habits. Our Activities Director meets with the resident shortly after they move into our residence and assesses their preferred daily activities.

The activity department arranges for our residents to attend community outings on a regular basis, usually in a small group and transported in a wheel-chair accessible vehicle, or by wheel chair to one of our close-by venues. Outings include shopping trips, lunch at a favorite restaurant, picnics at a tranquil setting, museum tours, or an evening at a special event such as Cirque de Soleil.

The priority of our activity department is always the resident, with a primary goal of promoting and preserving a positive and healthy quality of life.
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